Berkley Sweetapple

Berkley Sweetapple Vitale is a graduate of Wake Forest University and Boston College Law School. She is an attorney in South Florida, where she lives with her husband, Dave, son, Tripp, and yellow lab, Riggins.


The Law? But I’m bored already. Believe me, I get it. Here’s why you should care.

The law is everywhere. No, I really mean it. It isn’t just important so you can follow along with Legally Blonde or SVU – although those are both good reasons. The law is important because it affects your life every day. From buying things on credit to getting pulled over for speeding, from investing money to picking out produce, legal issues play an important role in becoming a professional, a parent, a consumer, a spouse, a money-manager, a citizen, a grown-up. So hop on board and learn about life’s rules – because knowledge is power.