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On National Women’s Day, Don’t Be Less Than You Are

This morning, as I was posting on Instagram, I couldn’t figure out whether National Women’s Day was National Woman or National Women’s day. Yes, I was an English major. Yes, baby brain is still a thing when your baby is almost two. Not wanting to make a grammatical faux paux on my return to social media, I googled it. I stumbled upon an article on Forbes called “On National Women’s Day, Don’t Look Less Than You Are.” And wanting to delay the start of my billing as long as possible,

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Lady J | March 08, 2018

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Ladies in Business: Lizzy Jones from Factor Eleven

Meet Lizzy!

Meet Lizzy, the designer behind the children’s clothing brands Factor Eleven and Elevensies. Now a full-time, work-from-home mother, Lizzy used to be a nanny and Gossip Girl intern before she decided to spend her days caring for a giggly newborn while starting her own business (sounds easy, right?). Lizzy and I had due dates a day apart, and she made these adorable Easter shorts for Tripp. As a mom,

Lady J | April 06, 2017
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Distracted Driving & Time-Saving Beauty Tips

We’ve all been there – you’re running late for work so you grab your makeup bag and do your morning routine while behind the wheel. Who needs a vanity when you’ve got a rearview mirror, right? While as many as 95% of all women in the U.S. wear makeup to work, nearly half of women leave all or part of their beauty routine to their morning commute. Although you’d normally get props for multitasking,

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Lady J | December 30, 2016