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Get Organized in the New Year


While it’s always sad to put away the holiday decorations, I was pretty excited this year to clear away the clutter and start fresh in the new year (probably because I put my Christmas decorations up in early November…). This year, I’m vowing to stay more organized at home and at work so things don’t fall through the cracks (like my car payment that was hiding in the “I’ll get to that later” stack of bills for months –

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Lady J | January 05, 2017
Renting: Unwelcome Landlord

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Renting: The Unwelcome Landlord

Featured Image: Caitlin Wilson


You’re finally home after a long day, changed into sweatpants and about to sit down for a rerun of Friends with a bottle of Malbec when you hear the front door opening – and you don’t live with a roommate. When the initial panic wears off and you realize it’s just your landlord, you start to feel kind of angry. Some landlords are rude, and feel like they can enter your apartment without notice,

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Lady J | December 29, 2016