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Daylight Savings Time & Overnight Oatmeal Chia Bowls

On this Sunday, March 12, we lose an hour of sleep. If you’re a glass half full kind of person, that means we gain an hour of sunshine at the end of the day, woohoo! But ya, that alarm is going off an hour earlier.  Daylight Savings Time wasn’t invented just to mess with our emotions twice a year, and hasn’t been around forever – it’s actually based on a law.

Daylight Savings Time got its root during WWI, when Germany and Austria wanted to make better use of daylight hours and conserve fuel by advancing the hands of the clock one hour until the next fall, although the real brains behind the operation was our friend Benjamin Franklin who thought of the idea in the 1770s. The U.S. implemented Daylight Savings Time after WWI, but it wasn’t put into law until 1966, although states could vote whether or not they wanted to change their clocks. States can still vote on whether or not they want to observe daylight savings time. In fact, Arizona and Hawaii play by their own rules. Apparently not everyone’s happy – chickens have a strict schedule and don’t easily adapt to change in sunrise time.

Like it or not, if you’re not from Arizona or Hawaii, Daylight Saving Time in the U.S. begins at 2:00 a.m. on the second Sunday of March and ends at 2:00 a.m. on the first Sunday of November. So grab that cup of coffee, and make this yummy overnight oatmeal chia bowl so you have one less thing to worry about come Sunday morning.

Lady J | March 09, 2017


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