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Renting: The Unwelcome Landlord

Featured Image: Caitlin Wilson


You’re finally home after a long day, changed into sweatpants and about to sit down for a rerun of Friends with a bottle of Malbec when you hear the front door opening – and you don’t live with a roommate. When the initial panic wears off and you realize it’s just your landlord, you start to feel kind of angry. Some landlords are rude, and feel like they can enter your apartment without notice, even when you’re not home. What can you do about it?

The first place you should look is your rental agreement – usually there is a provision in your lease that says when the landlord can enter, i.e., only during business hours and only with 12 hours notice. Even if your lease is silent on the issue, most states have laws that landlords can also enter rental property in order to make needed repairs or show property to prospective tenants or purchasers, after giving you notice. Usually notice is 24 hours, and landlords can only enter at reasonable times (so not in the middle of the night). If the landlord persists, you can write a demand letter asking your landlord to respect your privacy and time, and if that doesn’t work you could have a right to sue and recover money damages (although difficult to prove), or break your lease early.

The Verdict: No matter what you think will happen, keep all copies of your communications with the landlord, in case you decide to sue. Is it worth it? Suing your landlord is a lot of stress with little reward, and you’ll probably catch more flies with honey in this situation. Keep your place viewing-ready with these apartment essentials – and buy a padlock.

1. Statement Rug – A rug is not the place to play it safe. It’s hard to choose just one favorite Caitlin Wilson rug, but if I had to this would be it.


Photo: Caitlin Wilson

Kismet Rug in Coral, $20.00-$2,950.00


2. A bar cart is an easy way to create a pop of glam while creating extra space for booze storage.

















Photo: Anthropologie

Anthropologie Oscarine Lucite Bar Cart, $698.00


3. Mirrors make small spaces appear larger. I like this one from target so much that I have it in my house and office.

Photo: Target

Threshold Round Mirror Brass 28″, $47.49


4. Add a pop of color to the wall to liven things up. I always like floral designs for a fun and feminine touch.














Photo: One Kings Lane

Erin Gregory, Efflorescence 8, $159.00-$245.00

5. Keep it simple with white curtains.

Photo: Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware Belgian Sheer Linen Drapery, prices vary

Lady J | December 29, 2016

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