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Summer Update

I’m Back!

As you may or may not have noticed (shout out to my five loyal followers), I’m back! As anyone with a one-year-old will tell you, the days are long but the years are short. Lately the days have felt super long. I must have had too much coffee while I was pregnant because Tripp does not stop. I mean he actually doesn’t stop moving except for the occasional nap. Finally, I feel like I have settled into somewhat of a routine with work and exercise and mommying, and can get back to doing the things that often get pushed aside in busy times (like hobbies). And I certainly have missed this blog and talking to my readers!

Tripp Turns 1

So by way of life updates, Tripp turned one on June 3rd, which felt more a party for me than it did for him for having survived the first year. Tripp cried when we sang happy birthday and didn’t even eat the cake! But don’t worry, I did. He’s the sweetest, cutest little boy with a red-headed temper (although he’s turning blonde!), and he may have a slight biting and head-butting problem. You fellow mommas may need to give me a few tips with that one – I already told Dave he wasn’t allowed to bite him back.

Tripp proves he has none of his mother’s genes by sneering at his Publix cake.

Tripp goes in for the kill shot…

I Buy Junk

I also have a new obsession (or according to Dave, a problem). Turns out I have a smallll thrift store and furniture refurbishing situation, which I’m sure you’ll hear more about in the coming months. I’ve been using homemade chalk paint, Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, and even bought a paint sprayer off of Amazon (which I hate). Painting is only therapeutic when you’re doing the brushing and not inhaling large amount of toxins. As you can see I have a lot of half-finished projects…

Riggins: Not Too Amused

Some soon to be pretty cane chairs!

I’m Done Eating Junk

Speaking of toxins, I have also decided to go Vegan + No Processed Foods for 22 days. It has nothing to do with Beyonce’s 22-day challenge, and everything to do with the fact that I had vacation 22 days from the start date (and the fact that my husband bet me a lot of money I couldn’t do it and I’m too competitive not to take the chance to beat him).  And wanting to look like Jenna Dewan Tatum. And since I have been spending all of my money and then some on junk furniture, I’ll need all the help I can get. Besides the massive headache I have had for 24 hours straight, I’m feeling pretty good (read: staring at the tenderloin tips sitting in my fridge).

I’ll post some of the delicious recipes I’ve been experimenting with, like the vegetable and quinoa summer rolls with homemade peanut sauce I made for lunch today and the spinach and cauliflower salad I just devoured. If you’ve tried to go vegan before I’d love to hear your tips and recipes 🙂


Sweet Summertime 🙂

More for later, but for now, the Vitale family will be kicking back and enjoying sweet summertime!




Lady J | July 06, 2017

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